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08 Apr 2019

This time The Beautified Project has collaborated with the British singer/songwriter Katya D’J. The result is a stripped down country song that sticks in your mind like an addiction. If you like the music video, you can click on the link to get the mp3 of the song set to you FOR FREE.


13 Nov 2017

One More Day is a peace song dedicated to long lasting friendships between nations. The music video was shot in 12 countries: Armenia, U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Austria, Russia, France, Poland, Turkey, Georgia, Switzerland & Holland.

17 Apr 2017

Dear Beautified Family, we will be back for a one-time-only spring concert at Yerevan's National Puppet Theater on the 17th of April. We will perform our hits from all 4 studio albums released in the past 11 years.


For tickets please

call: +374 94 577847

visit: or

go: Art Bridge, 20 str Abovyan, Yerevan (+374 10 521239)


See you all very soon.

24 Oct 2016

Great news for The Beautified Family:

The Beautified Project will release a new studio album on the 24th of October, titled 'Pale Nightingale'.

The premier of the Album will be celebrated with a concert at Yerevan's National Theater. The band will play all the songs of the new album and favorite songs from their past 3 albums. This will be the band's last concert in 2016.


For tickets and info please call +37494 577 847 or order online on or

1 Oct 2016

Famous Armenian singer, Sibil will join the English language Armenian band, The Beautified Project to play a concert in Holland on the 1st of October 2016. The event will take place at Hengelo's Rabotheater. During the concert Sibil and The Beautified Project will perform their well known songs and famous Armenian classics in the form of duets.

You can order tickets online right now here.

For info please call: +316 84 56 72 30, +316 85 79 36 48.

The Beautified Project will play an unplugged concerts on the 24th of April, dedicated to the memory of the lost souls who have fallen victim to wars and massacres all over the world. The band will play its slow unplugged songs from their 3 previous and the next studio album and a few Armenian songs. Please notes that this is a seated concert and the seats are numbered.


For tickets please:

call: +374 94 57 78 47

visit: ArtBridge Bookstore Cafe, 20str Abovyan, Yerevan, tel. +374 10 581284

As the The Beautified Project is stuck in studio recording their long-awaited 4th studio album, they take a break from studio to rock the beautified family with a concert on the 7th of March at Puppet Theater. Don't miss the chance to see them play a full band rock concert, where they will play all their hit songs and they will have a few very special guests whose names will be announced soon.
For tickets and info please call +374 94 577 847.

The Beautified Project will play a full band rock concert on the 30th of October (Halloween Weekend). The band will play a long set of hits including their new song, "I Found a Way".
This will be the band's last concert in 2015.

For tickets and info:
Call: +374 94 577847
Go to: Art Bridge (Number 20 Abovyan street)

Here is the link to facebook event.

The Beautified Project presents Armenian classic, ARAGIL to call all Armenians around the world back to their mother land. The reason Armenians are spread all over the world is the Armenian Genocide that happened in 1915. The band uses sign language in the video to symbolize the fact that the majority of the world has been deaf and dumb toward this atrocity.


Please note that the video is also available in 4K quality.

The Beautified Project sets off on a European tour , entitled Strumming Against Genocides. Here are the concert dates:

Yerevan 23 May, Ulikhanyan, Tel +37494577847

Berlin 9 May,  theARTer Galerie,
Krakow 11 May, Piwnica Pod Baranami, Tel +48 886 886 609
Paris 15 May, La Paniche Anako, Tel 0662111464,
Vienna 17 May, Replugged, Tel +4369919562601
Yerevan 3 June, Paronyan (with Anathema) 
Gyumri June, Details coming soon
Tbilisi June, Details coming soon

The Beautified Project  will release a brand new music video for the string version of Black Wooden Nest. The music video was filmed at Berlin's famous Thearter by Arvin Kocharian during the band's European tour in 2013. The music video will be premiered at Berlin's Thearter on the 1st of March 2015. It will then be available on YouTube.

The Beautified Project released a new music video for the song Black Wooden Nest in Jan 22nd, 2015. The song is taken from the band's 2013 album, United We Fall. The concept of the video which is shot near Lake Sevan in Armenia, is by Andre Simonian. The director of the photography is Mariam Gevorgyan. You can watch Black Wooden Nest here.

As every winter, The Beautified Project, returns to Ulikhanyan Art-Club for an intimate winter unplugged concert. Joining Andre, Armen and Arlen will be the band's long-term cellist, Alex Mirzoyan. Since the venue is very small, we recommend that you book your tickets as soon as possible. For tickets and info please call: +37494 577847


Feb 6 available

Feb 7 sold out
Feb 8 sold out

The Beautified Project will play a rock concert on the 1st of December at Yerevan's Puppet Theater. 
Tickets and info: +37494 577 847

The Beautified Project has released a new duet called 'Wait' and an accompanying music video for it. The song was written in 2005 for The bands demo album 'Serenades for Insanity'. The new version of the song was arranged by Andre, Armen and Arlen and features well-know Armenian female singer Sona Rubenyan. The music video is directed by Rene Bamban. He is also the director of the video for one of the band's biggest hits, 'All Alone'.


You can check out the music video here.



The Beautified Project's Dark Cube was chosen as the sound track for the new reality horror movie, The Dead Forest. A music video for the song was shot by the director of the movie, Roman Musheghyan. The music video was shot in the same woods where the movie was made. The song Dark Cube is taken from the band's 2013 album, 'United We Fall'.

The Beautified Project picked up "Band of The Year" award at this years Luxury Magazine Awards. During the award ceremony the band performed acoustic versions of 'Black Wooden Nest' and 'Kilikia'. The band would like to thank all the fans who actively voted for the band.

As every other year, The Beautified Project will play a one-off Unplugged concert dedicated to the memory of the victims of the genocides that take place in our world. The intimate concert will take place on the 24th of April at 7:30pm at Ulikhanyan Art-Club.This is a one-night-only event. Extra dates will not be added.

For tickets please call +37494 949597 or buy them from Ulikhanyan Art-club every day after 4:00pm.


Here is facebook event link.

The Beautified Project will play a full-band rock concert at Yerevan's National Puppet Theater on the 27th of March 2014. This will be the first full-band concert since the premiere of 'United We Fall' in October 2013. Apart from The Beautified Project, a few special guests will join the band on the stage.


For tickets please call +37494 94 95 97 or go to the Puppet Theater Monday to Saturday between 11:00 and 18:00.

The band will release an official live music video for the song Red Rivers. The music video for the song, which is from the band's third, 'United We Fall', studio album, is shot by the fans during different concerts and is edited by a fan as well.

Jan 25.26.27, 2014

The Beautified Project return to their favorite jazz club to play 3 sold-out unplugged concerts. The band will play their songs using only 2 acoustic guitars, a piano and cello. Joining the band will be Cellist Alex Mirzoyan.

Oct 31, 2013

The Beautified Project return to their favorite jazz club to play 3 sold-out unplugged concerts. The band will play their songs using only 2 acoustic guitars, a piano and cello. Joining the band will be Cellist Alex Mirzoyan.

Oct 21, 2013

On the 21at of The Beautified Project released it's long-awaited 3rd studio album which was recorded in 14 months in Yerevan and mastered at New York's West West Studios. The album contains 8 songs including the duet 'Briken Smile' with the British band Antimatter. The album also contains 'Kilikia', as a 9th song bonus track.

Oct 12, 2013

The Beautified Project played an unforgettable open air concert on the 12th of October at Aznavour Square in front of 5000 people where the new songs were greater with great excitement by the fans. It was the kind of a come-back concert that all the fans were airing for.

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